A recent article in eWeek.com by Don E. Sears on IT Management, titled “Ohio Ban on Offshore Outsourcing Raises more Ire from Asia”, got me thinking about outsourcing. Of course this ban is only for public funds, but there is a lot be said for the idea of keeping work in the good, old U.S. of A.

Clearly, the perceived advantage of off-shoring is cost savings. But cheaper isn’t always better. When comparing quality against cost, quality always wins—especially in health information management (HIM). And better quality is really better value!

HIM Directors simply get more for their money here in the U.S. Heightened HIPAA compliance concerns, privacy issues, quality of staff, education, certification, and familiarity with U.S. regulations all weigh heavily in the value equation. Furthermore, there is definitely something to be said for extra “hands” that know you, your organization and your staff.

Are you struggling to find qualified HIM professionals? Is keeping up with HIM workload a daily battle? Do government auditors and other departments continually heap new demands and responsibilities on your already over-burdened staff? If so, outsourcing is clearly your best option. It’s the “who”, “where” and “when” that must be carefully determined, and assigned.

Yes, the latest proposal from the Buckeye State got me thinking….and my thought is let’s keep the jobs here in the U.S.