ICD-10The most important aspect of your ICD-10 transition plan is education. Pretty much everyone in the institution needs to re-tool their skill set to accommodate ICD-10. You could train the trainer and have that person or persons train everyone else, in which case you lose the productivity of both the trainer and those being trained. Or, you can outsource your training to an outside party. Timing is crucial. You do not want to do it all now and have people forget it before go-live. On the other hand, you do not want to cram it all in at the last minute. As the expression goes you can eat the elephant one bite at a time. That is, education is a multi-year process. It even continues after go-live to ensure accuracy and compliance. You may need to add people or use out-sourced resources to get you over the hump. Trust us to help you with this process. If outsourcing your ICD-10 training, here are some points to consider. Feel free to use them as you evaluate all the various training options, including TrustHCS!

  • Past training experience
  • Use of certified, experienced trainers
  • Individualized training programs
  • Pre-assessment, as well as ongoing progress assessments
  • Available resources to deal with back-logs and productivity issues
  • Multi-media tools used both on-line and on-site
  • Comprehensive training for executives, physicians, coders, revenue cycle etc.