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September 2018 | Practical Precision

Cathy Brownfield, HealthData Management

HealthData Management »

August 2018 | Symposium Spotlight: Building an outpatient CDI program in the ED

Autumn Reiter, ACDIS


August 2018 | Justifying Expansion of CDI Programs: A Case Study

Autumn Reiter and Lori Dixon, HFMA


August 2018 | Specialty Physicians Ready to Push Back

Nena Scott, ICD-10 Monitor

ICD-10 Monitor »

August 2018 | How Staffing and Workflow Evolves with Move to All-Payer CDI

Autumn Reiter, Jounral of AHIMA

Journal of AHIMA »

August 2018 | HCCs: An Operational Perspective

Cathy Brownfield, Hospital EMR & EHR

Hospital EMR & EHR »

July 2018 | Staying Connected to Remote Staff

Cathy Brownfield, NAHRI Journal

NAHRI Journal»

July 2018 | Using DRG Analysis to Avert Denials

Jana Armstrong, NAHRI Journal

NAHRI Journal»

June 2018 | New ICD-10 Codes

Nena Scott, For the Record Magazine

For the Record »

June 2018 | The Return on Investment for Coder Training and Education in ICD-10

Nena Scott, HFMA


May 2018 | CDI Trends

Autumn Reiter, HFMA


March 2018 | Coding Corner

Nena Scott, For The Record Magazine

For the Record »

January 2018 | CDI Interview

Amber Sterling, For The Record Magazine

For the Record »

January 2018 | New Approaches in DRG Validation

Autumn Reiter, ACDIS Radio Show


January 2018 | New Approaches in DRG Validation

Autumn Reiter, ACDIS Radio Show


November 2017 | Documentation, Coding Issues Abound

Nena Scott, For the Record Magazine

For The Record »

September 2017 | Taking CDI Reviews to All Payers: Eight Lessons Learned

Jana Armstrong, Journal of AHIMA – Documentation Detective

Journal of AHIMA »





September 2017 | ICD-10 coders: How to hire the best and brightest amidst a sea of newcomers

Danielle Richmond, Rev Cycle Daily Advisor 

Rev Cycle Daily Advisor »

September 2017 | Voices in Healthcare Finance, Episode 18

Cathy Brownfield, HFMA


September 2017 | ICD-10 gets down to specifics, and attention to detail directly affects finances

Susan Morse, Associate Editor, Healthcare Finance

HIMSS Healthcare Finance News »

July 2017 | CDI Programs Expanding Outside the Hospital

Mary Butler, Associate Editor, Journal of AHIMA

AHIMA, Body of Knowledge »

June 2017 | Outpatient CDI Wins Big at ACDIS 2017

Autumn Reiter, BSN, RN, CCDS, CDIP, AHIMA-Certified ICD-10 Trainer

ICD10monitor »

April 2017 | Clinical coding: Offshore, onshore, or both

Cathy Brownfield

Health Management Technology »

April 2017 | The Status of ICD-10: An Insider’s View

Nena Scott

HFMA Blog »

March 2017 | Going Monthly: Making the Case for Consistent Coding Audits

Lisa Crow

Journal of AHIMA »

November 2016 | Tearing Down the Walls of Revenue Cycle Silos

Cathy Brownfield, Lisa Crow, Amber Sterling

HFMA Revenue Cycle Newsletter »

October 2016 | Coders Confident That ICD-10 Changes Can Be Easily Implemented

Nena Scott

Hospitals & Health Networks »

October 2016 | Outpatient Efforts: Five strategies to launch CDI in your emergency department

Amber Sterling

HCPro Blog »

October 2016 | A year of ICD-10: Healthcare professionals weigh in

Cathy Brownfield

Becker’s Hospital CFO »

August 2016 | Six CDI disconnects

Amber Sterling

For the Record »

August 2016 | CDI focus group summary from ACDIS

Amber Sterling

HCPro: ACDIS Blog »

June 2016 | Coding Audits Evolve with ICD-10

Lisa Crow, MBA, RHIA

Journal of AHIMA »

June 2016 | ACDIS 2016 Reflects Rapid Growth for CDI

Jana Armstrong

For The Record »

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Tearing Down the Walls of Revenue Cycle Silos

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