We’ve built the ideal team of ICD-10 coding, CDI and claims experts to serve our clients.

They’re ready to support your health system too.

Staffing Services

Credentialed ICD-10 coders, CDI specialists and claims denial experts deliver our services in an affordable and accountable way—with measureable and sustainable results for ambulatory, acute and post-acute care organizations. When the correct coding and billing of every claim counts, you can count on TrustHCS for staffing services.

Rest easy with our comprehensive variety of coding, CDI, edit reconciliation, and denials management services. Reducing your operational costs while accelerating reimbursement is our mutual goal. We work hand-in-hand with your internal teams as an outsourced partner, not just a staffing vendor.

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Both domestic and international coding staff possess capabilities covering the entire coding spectrum regardless of healthcare setting or patient type. Remote PRN, supplemental or full-outsourcing coding support is guaranteed.


Experienced CDI specialists conduct remote chart reviews and deliver timely, actionable findings for you, your CDI team and your physicians. We also go beyond simple CDI staffing with full-service CDI advisory services and support.

Edit Reconciliation

When your claims scrubber uncovers pre-emptive claims rejections or claims data errors, immediate corrective action is essential. TrustHCS billing experts review, assess and correct faulty claims before you submit to payers—and without any billing delays.

Denials Management

Revamping the claims denials process is at the top of your CFO’s mind. It’s our top priority too! TrustHCS revenue integrity experts effectively manage your claim denials. We also clarify why claims were denied in the first place to streamline your overall reimbursement process.

CDI Shortage

CDI outsourcing is increasingly necessary to fill staffing gaps. Needs included weekend and vacation coverage, and growing demand for more CDI reviews as programs expand into quality, value-based care, bundled payments and MACRA.

Your Coding Resource Plan

TrustHCS provides complimentary, individualized coding resource plans for ambulatory, acute and post-acute care organizations. You determine the exact number of additional staff you need, set correct budget to support your team, and define resources to get your DNFB under control. With PRN, supplemental and completely outsourced coding services options, you get the best of both worlds with TrustHCS: flexibility and quality.

If cost-savings is your top concern, we’ll work with you to evaluate operating cost reductions through the combination of domestic and international coding resource options. Operational cost reduction strategies include:

Your staff—improve performance of existing staff with TrustHCS code monitoring services. Your staff are monitored for replication and best practices.

Our advisors—assess your specific and unique coder staffing needs. We map out a staffing plan to meet individual coding demands, honor your budget, and achieve cost reductions.

Global staff—access fully-vetted international coding resources with only one central relationship to maintain. TrustHCS provides all oversight and secondary compliance reviews.

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