iStock_000010013281XSmall2-150x150Well, here we are closing out the year 2011 and the urgency to get ICD-10 training has finally started to receive attention. It is starting to move – glacially.

The latest AHIMA survey (August) showed 85% of respondents have at least begun work on planning and implementation work for ICD-10. This is up from 62% reported from a year earlier. The survey also determined that the organizations are further along in creating ICD-10 budgets and assessing training needs for staff. The bad news is that only 49% report have actually made changes based on their assessments.

As far as we can tell, 100% of the research says there will be major training needs as well as considerable clinical documentation improvement needed. The question is are you going to be ready for ICD-10 by doing it right over the next two years; or are you going to try and “pull the all-nighter” and cram for this at the last minute?

If you wait until the last minute do not expect a lot of help. The best and the brightest resources are getting locked–in. They’ll all be committed and unavailable to help the laggards. In fact, their dance cards are already getting filled.

TrustHCS is gearing-up with highly skilled, certified trainers. We are offering training, webinars, and/or e-learning tools tailored to your individual needs. But you need to RSVP!

On a parallel path with training is the need to upgrade your clinical documentation…now. We have expertise and credentialed resources  to help in this process, and coordinate CDI plans with the training effort in coding and other departments. View some of our CDI blog post contributions to ADVANCE’s  CDI: Time to shine series at

Alice Zenter is a world Class resource – she’s here to help!